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Disease relevance of Ochromonas


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Anatomical context of Ochromonas


Associations of Ochromonas with chemical compounds

  • The large subunit ribosomal RNA sequences from the heterokont algae Ochromonas danica, Nannochloropsis salina, and Tribonema aequale were determined [7].
  • A polar diacylglycerolipid isolated from the phototrophic green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 137+ (wild-type) displays chromatographic and chemical identity with the either-linked homoserine lipid 1(3),2-diacylglyceryl-(3)-O-4'(N,N,N-trimethyl)homoserine (DGTS) of the golden alga Ochromonas danica [8].
  • In the red alga Cyanidium caldarium and in the Chrysophyte Ochromonas danica a clear dichotomy was observed: as in higher plants, sterols were formed via the MVA route, whereas chloroplast isoprenoids (phytol in Cy. caldarium and O. danica and beta-carotene in O. danica) were synthesized via the GAP/pyruvate route [9].
  • The eukaryotic alga Ochromonas danica, a nutritionally versatile, mixotrophic chrysophyte, grew on phenol as the sole carbon source in axenic culture and removed the phenol carbon from the growth medium [10].
  • Studies on metabolic role of 5'-Methylthioadenosine in Ochromonas malhamensis and other microorganisms [11].

Gene context of Ochromonas

  • Adult Hymenolepis diminuta did not take up CN-Cbl in vitro, which correlated with the finding that no CN-Cbl was detected in the worm by Ochromonas malhamensis assay [12].
  • Since the transition value of the modulus of elasticity is about 5 dynes/mum2 (or stiffness of 3.5 X 10(-16) dyne cm2) for the mastigonemes of Ochromonas it would appear that the actual value must be in excess of this [13].


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