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Community Health Nursing

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Disease relevance of Community Health Nursing

  • A paediatric hearing assessment unit was set up in Lothian in 1978 to provide a clear referral pathway for children with suspected sensorineural hearing impairment and particularly for those children detected by the health visitor screening test [1].

Psychiatry related information on Community Health Nursing


High impact information on Community Health Nursing

  • METHODS: The intervention provided physicians with the Pneumonia Severity Index score and corresponding mortality risk for eligible patients and offered enhanced visiting nurse services and the antibiotic clarithromycin [3].
  • The cost of a 3-day outpatient, visiting nurse supervised intravenous steroid therapy versus 3 days of oral prednisone was $861 vs $6.88 [4].
  • One hundred and two measurements of O2% (mean 82.9), made at least once monthly by a visiting nurse, showed that type A concentrators were usually delivering less than 92% expected O2 [5].
  • There was a small but significant reduction of breath CO in the patients seen at home by the health visitor but the urinary cotinine concentrations were unchanged [6].
  • METHODS: A questionnaire was devised to explore the beliefs about, and practice in providing, PCC in primary care in the Barnsley Health Authority area and sent to all known GPs, practice nurses (PNs), health visitors (HVs) and midwives (MWs) in practices in the area in July 2000 [7].

Biological context of Community Health Nursing

  • Discussions with every general practice, health visitor, and clinical medical officer in Northumberland Health Authority led to agreement about the content of preschool health surveillance, the ages at which it should be done, and referral pathways after a failed screening test [8].
  • Concepts from anthropology, international health, and transcultural nursing provided the basis for initiating a health-culture reorientation of acute care-oriented (RN-BSN) students enrolled in a population-based community health nursing course given in a weekend format [9].

Associations of Community Health Nursing with chemical compounds

  • John Hannam of the Child Poverty Action Group encourages health visitors to use networks effectively [10].
  • Health visitors agreed that early referrals were appropriate, and this campaign may have contributed to the high number of registrations of 0-2-year-olds in the North Western Region [11].
  • Faced with scarce resources, the Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha (VNA), Bishop Clarkson College, Creighton University, and University of Nebraska Medical Center collaborated to maintain services [12].
  • Heavy tea drinkers were traced through Health Visitors and voluntary organizations and the volumes and fluoride concentrations of their drinks were measured [13].
  • AIMS AND BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to explore Health Visitors' experiences of Family Group Conferences as part of Child Protection Planning in Hampshire, England. The aim was to identify good practice, recognizing the challenges of the approach and enabling recommendations for improved collaboration to be framed [14].

Gene context of Community Health Nursing

  • CONCLUSIONS: Large differences in demands on health visitors' time exist between affluent and disadvantaged caseloads which are barely reflected in the provision of extra time to poorer caseloads [15].
  • The aim of this study was to assess the impact of nurse prescribing on district nurses and health visitors in one NHS trust in Scotland [16].
  • Sharpening the focus on populations: an intentional community health nursing approach. Part II [17].
  • The wider implications of the Health Visitor Distraction Test consultation [18].
  • Educators in one nursing program used a portfolio assignment to measure achievement of the competencies by traditional and RN to BSN students in a community health nursing course [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Community Health Nursing

  • The findings indicate that the community health nursing intervention significantly enhanced the self-reported self-care behaviors of blood glucose testing, complication management, nutrition regimen adherence, and reporting foot change in the experimental group [20].
  • After one year 72% of smokers replied to a postal follow up questionnaire: 11% of the control group claimed to have stopped smoking compared with 15% in the group that received advice alone, 17% in the exhaled carbon monoxide group, and 13% in the health visitor group [21].
  • Changing performance of the Health Visitor Distraction Test when targeted neonatal screening is introduced into a health district [22].


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