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Chemical Compound Review

Cobalt-57     cobalt

Synonyms: AC1L2XM8, 13981-50-5, Cobalt, isotope of mass 57
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Disease relevance of cobalt


High impact information on cobalt

  • Using oriented epitaxial Co2+: ZnO films grown by chemical vapor deposition, kinetics measurements demonstrate a direct correlation between the oxidative quenching of ferromagnetism and the diffusion and oxidation of interstitial zinc [6].
  • In a separate series of experiments, the Na+ flux across the blood-brain barrier was studied by injecting 22NaCl together with an intravascular reference (cobalt-57-labeled microspheres 15 microns in diameter) into the ischemic area [7].
  • Measurement of total-body cobalt-57 vitamin B12 absorption with a gamma camera [8].
  • Central venous pressure line localization with a cobalt-57 marker system [9].
  • For two different murine monoclonal antibodies, the average chelator content obtained by terbium fluorescence titration correlated closely with that measured by the cobalt-57 binding assay [10].

Biological context of cobalt


Anatomical context of cobalt


Associations of cobalt with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cobalt

  • Uniformity correction for SPECT using a mapped cobalt-57 sheet source [19].
  • This inhibitor coordinates the metal center through four interactions as follows: (i) ligation of the N-terminal (3R)-nitrogen to Co2, (ii, iii) bridging coordination of the (2S)-hydroxyl group, and (iv) terminal ligation to Co1 by the keto oxygen of the pseudo-peptide linkage [20].


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