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Chemical Compound Review

Neokyotorphin     (2S)-2-[[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-6- amino-2-[[(2S)-2...

Synonyms: neo-kyotorphin, d-Sero-2-nkt, Tskyr peptide, AR-1J3443, LS-177779, ...
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Disease relevance of neo-kyotorphin


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Biological context of neo-kyotorphin


Anatomical context of neo-kyotorphin

  • Lipidic membranes are potential "catalysts" in the ligand activity of the multifunctional pentapeptide neokyotorphin [8].
  • The interaction of neokyotorphin with cell membranes is potentially important to all these multiple biological processes since receptor-mediated processes are thought to be involved in neokyotorphin action [8].
  • Neo-kyotorphin inhibited the Ca2+-dependent and depolarization-evoked release of 3H-GABA, from crude synaptosomes of the lower brain stem of rats [9].
  • When injected into the substantia nigra reticulata, the 10 nmol dose of NKT and d-ser-2-NKT displayed equal seizure-protecting effect, which was higher than that for KT [10].

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Gene context of neo-kyotorphin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of neo-kyotorphin


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