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Chemical Compound Review

Caustic soda     sodium hydroxide

Synonyms: Ascarite, Rohrputz, Aetznatron, Plung, NaOH, ...
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Disease relevance of sodium hydroxide


High impact information on sodium hydroxide

  • Hexa- and decapeptides have been identified with sequence homologies that define four motifs: 1, (E)TPXWM/LM/L; 2, W/YXWM/ LYE; 3, DWXDW; and 4, (Ar)WDGQ(Ar) [5].
  • We analyze the effects of concentration and time of contact on the aggressiveness of CS to the esophagus of live animals [6].
  • However, the interdependence of these factors in the production of caustic lesion in the esophageal mucosa is not known, especially regarding CS as the strongest corrosive agent [6].
  • The transmucosal fluxes of Na+ and Cl- were studied in Giardia lamblia-infected mice in the presence or absence of dantrolene (1-(5(p-nitrophenyl)furfurilidene-amino) hydantoin sodium hydrate) [7].
  • We evaluated whether pretreatment with sivelestat sodium hydrate, a neutrophil elastase inhibitor (EI), can prevent acute lung injury caused by CPB [8].

Anatomical context of sodium hydroxide


Associations of sodium hydroxide with other chemical compounds

  • I have tested the idea that doubly labeled water (DLW) can accurately predict CO2 production in savannah sparrows, song sparrows, white-throated sparrows, starlings, and a single house sparrow by comparing DLW estimates with those obtained simultaneously by capturing expired CO2 in Ascarite [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of sodium hydroxide

  • The analytical system consisted sequentially of a He-sparging bottle of water, a gas dryer, CO(2)-trapping stage using both Ascarite trap and silica-gel packed gas chromatography (GC), on-line oxidation to CO(2) using the Schütze reagent, cryofocusing, GC purification using a capillary column and measurement by CF-IRMS [12].


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