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Chemical Compound Review

DECANE     decane

Synonyms: decan, n-Decane, Decane, n-, D901_ALDRICH, HSDB 63, ...
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Disease relevance of Myristate

  • For a series of model compounds (digitonin, aescine, tomatine, stevioside and ginsenoside Rg1) it was demonstrated that neither the surface nor the interfacial tension (n-decane/water) lowering properties of saponins can be correlated with their ability to induce hemolysis [1].

High impact information on Myristate

  • We report a new route for forming reverse wormlike micelles (i.e., long, flexible micellar chains) in nonpolar organic liquids such as cyclohexane and n-decane [2].
  • We have discovered that samples of poly(ferrocenyldimethylsilane-b-dimethylsiloxane) (PFS-b-PDMS) with block ratios of 1:12 form nanotubes in n-hexane and n-decane, which are poor solvents for PFS [3].
  • Acylation of gramicidin A does not affect the single-channel conductance or the minichannel frequency in diphytanoylphosphatidylcholine/n-decane black lipid membranes [4].
  • For example, the morphine stereoisomer alpha-isomorphine, the geometric isomer B/C trans-morphine, and the 8-position-substituted gamma-isomorphine were successes in the n-decane condition, whereas the ethanol condition produced the substituted codeine derivatives dihydrocodeinone and dihydroxycodeinone [5].
  • This mutation inactivated the ability of PAT1 to complement the defective n-decane utilization of the disruptant [6].

Biological context of Myristate


Anatomical context of Myristate

  • Less information was accessible for membranes containing n-decane within their structure [11].
  • Both B0-6-1 and a null mutant of YlPEX10 failed to form peroxisome and showed low-level transcription of YlALK1 after the change of carbon source to n-decane [12].

Associations of Myristate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Myristate


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Myristate

  • The n-alkane dehydrogenase (fraction R-3), obtained as a single peak from Bio-Gel P-60, showed an overall 135-fold purification and was demonstrated by infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography to convert n-decane to 1-decene [19].
  • The second monolayer consisting of phospholipids was then deposited onto this hydrophobic surface by (i) the Langmuir-Schaefer-technique, (ii) from lipid solution in n-decane/isobutanol, (iii) by the lipid/detergent dilution technique or (iv) by fusion of vesicles [20].


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