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Chemical Compound Review

Galigan     4-[2-chloro-4- (trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]- 2...

Synonyms: Goldate, Oxygold, Koltar, Zoomer, Oxyfluorfen, ...
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Disease relevance of OXYFLUOREN


High impact information on OXYFLUOREN

  • TAT can be also induced by the octadecanoids methyl jasmonate (MeJA) and methyl-12-oxophytodienoic acid (MeOPDA), as well as by wounding, high light, UV light and the herbicide oxyfluorfen [5].
  • It is also suitable to determine in vivo block as illustrated by an approximately 50% decrease in [3H]THP binding in liver mitochondria from mice treated ip with oxyfluorfen at 4 mg/kg [6].
  • The transgenic plants expressing the B. subtilis Protox gene at T0 generation were found to be resistant to oxyfluorfen when judged by cellular damage with respect to cellular leakage, Chl loss, and lipid peroxidation [1].
  • Dissipation of oxyfluorfen and oxadiazon followed first order reaction kinetics with half-life (T(1/2)) of 8.8 and 12 days, respectively [7].
  • When oxyfluorfen was used as a competitive inhibitor, the Val311Met mutant protoporphyrinogen oxidase showed an increased inhibition constant about 1.5 times that of wild type protoporphyrinogen oxidase [8].

Biological context of OXYFLUOREN


Anatomical context of OXYFLUOREN

  • The study of BFU-E/CFU-E proliferation and differentiation showed a cytotoxic effect of oxyfluorfen only at very high concentrations [9].
  • Fomesafen, oxyfluorfen and oxadiazon increased the cellular porphyrin content of rat hepatocytes after 24 h of incubation (control, 3.2 pmol/mg protein, fomesafen, oxyfluorfen and oxadiazon at 0.125 mM concentration 51.5, 54.3 and 44.0 pmol/mg protein, respectively) [12].
  • Therefore, the resistance of the selected soybean cell line to oxyfluorfen is probably mainly due to the overproduction of mitochondrial Protox [13].

Associations of OXYFLUOREN with other chemical compounds


Gene context of OXYFLUOREN


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OXYFLUOREN


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