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Disease relevance of Cichlids


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  • The East African Great Lakes harbour hundreds of cichlid species representing only a few monophyletic lineages, although palaeolimnological evidence and local restrictions on species distribution suggest that speciation in these lakes could have been allopatric [4].
  • Extensive MHC variability in cichlid fishes of Lake Malawi [5].
  • Species-specific differences in jaw shape are obvious early in cichlid larval development and are correlated with patterns of bmp4 expression in the mandibular primordium [6].
  • Three GnRH receptor types in laser-captured single cells of the cichlid pituitary display cellular and functional heterogeneity [7].
  • The reconstruction of cichlid RH1 pigments with 11-cis-retinal from 28 sequences showed that the absorption spectra of the pigments of nine species were shifted toward blue, tuned by two particular amino acid replacements [8].

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