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Chemical Compound Review

cytosine     4-amino-3H-pyrimidin-2-one

Synonyms: Cytosin, Zytosin, Cytosinimine, SureCN4059, SureCN8618, ...
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Disease relevance of cytosine


High impact information on cytosine

  • RESULTS: Three mutations in microsatellite instability high (MSI-H) tumors were found in the exon 4 polymorphic poly-cytosin (C)(8) or (C)(9) tract and consisted of a cytosin deletion at position 291 [2].
  • We have shown a possible alternate mechanism for mutagenesis at CpG in which HpaII DNA-(cytosine-5) methyltransferase (M.HpaII) can enzymatically deaminate cytosine (C) to uracil (U) in DNA [Shen, J.-C., Rideout, W.M., III and Jones, P.A., Cell, 71, 1073-1080, (1992)] [3].
  • These data suggest that the A572V mutation of the LH/CGR may have effects on the guanine nucleotide binding protein which activates phospholipase C (Gq) coupling and phospholipase-C activation in addition to its effects on Gs coupling and activation of adenylyl cyclase [4].
  • The adipose conversion in serum-free medium was associated with an increase in cell number, since 0.3 micrograms/ml cytosin arabinoside not only inhibited cell replication, but also prevented the expression of glycero-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity [5].
  • The novel MICB null allele is characterized by a Cytosin (C) deletion in a stretch of four Cs beginning from nucleotide 135 of exon 2 that leads to a premature stop codon (TGA) at codon 66 [6].

Biological context of cytosine


Associations of cytosine with other chemical compounds


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