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Chemical Compound Review

MCYST-RR     (5R,8S,11R,12S,15S,18R,19S,22R )-8,15-bis[3...

Synonyms: microcystin RR, AC1O5PJE, LS-182802, C19995, 111755-37-4, ...
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Disease relevance of microcystin RR


Psychiatry related information on microcystin RR

  • The operating parameters such as hydrogen peroxide dosage, pH value, UV light intensity, initial concentration of microcystin-RR and reaction time were evaluated, respectively [6].

High impact information on microcystin RR


Biological context of microcystin RR


Anatomical context of microcystin RR


Associations of microcystin RR with other chemical compounds

  • The most sensitive single-chain antibody (scAb) isolated was capable of detecting microcystin-LR at levels below the World Health Organization limit in drinking water (1 microg liter(-1)) and cross-reacted with three other purified microcystin variants (microcystin-RR, -LW, and -LF) and the related cyanotoxin nodularin [16].

Gene context of microcystin RR


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of microcystin RR


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