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Chemical Compound Review

Bromobutane     1-bromobutane

Synonyms: n-Butylbromide, PubChem3752, CCRIS 831, Butyl bromide, CHEMBL160949, ...
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Disease relevance of n-Butylbromide


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Anatomical context of n-Butylbromide


Associations of n-Butylbromide with other chemical compounds

  • At 295 K, a = 9.378 (2), b = 13.379 (5), c = 10.247 (3) A, beta = 95.93 (3) degrees, V = 1278.8 (7) A3, Dn = 1.346, Dm = 1.348 (1) g cm-3 (in dibromomethane/bromobutane), lambda = 1.1588 (2) A, mu = 2.186 cm-1, F(000) = 176.4 fm, R(F2) = 0.108 for all 1995 nonequivalent reflections with sin theta/lambda less than 0.71 A-1 [7].
  • Surface tensions of the 1-bromobutane with isomeric butanol mixtures were measured in the temperature range 283.15 K (or 298.15 K for 2-methyl-2-propanol) to 313.15 K with a drop volume tensiometer, and the corresponding surface tension deviations were calculated [8].

Gene context of n-Butylbromide


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of n-Butylbromide

  • CONCLUSIONS: Premedication with intravenous hyoscine n-butyl bromide reduces colonic spasm and in this study made colonoscope insertion significantly quicker and easier [10].
  • BACKGROUND: A prospective, double-blinded, placebo-controlled randomized trial was conducted to investigate the effect of the antispasmodic hyoscine N-butyl bromide (Buscopan) during colonoscopy [11].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Premedication with intravenously administered hyoscine N-butyl bromide impedes colonoscope insertion and causes greater patient discomfort, as well as hemodynamic instability [11].
  • RESULTS: Mean cecal intubation time in the hyoscine N-butyl bromide group was significantly longer than the control group (12.20 vs. 9.74 minutes; p=0.04; but correction for multiple testing of data removed this significance) [11].
  • The possible benefits of premedication with the antispasmodic hyoscine n-butyl bromide (hyoscine) and analgesia with inhaled nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture (nitrous oxide) were assessed in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial [12].


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