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Disease relevance of Colonoscopes


High impact information on Colonoscopes

  • For the subsequent 48 patients, those requiring treatment received therapy, such as epinephrine injections or bipolar coagulation, through the colonoscope [3].
  • In study 1, we randomized 104 adult patients with intact colons to undergo colonoscopy with a standard pediatric colonoscope (Olympus PCF-160), a prototype pediatric colonoscope with short bending in four directions (PCF-AYL), or a prototype pediatric colonoscope with short bending in two directions, and normal bending in two directions (PCF-AY3L) [4].
  • One patient was successfully treated with glycerin and saline enema through a fiberoptic colonoscope placed in the ascending colon [5].
  • The equation F=F MAX-P TIP/R was used to graph flow values (F) from the maximum measured flow (F MAX), the calculated resistance to air flow offered by the colonoscope (R), and the air pressure observed at the colonoscope tip (P TIP ) [6].
  • Group A (n = 125) received midazolam, 0.07 mg/kg intravenously plus meperidine, 0.77 mg/kg intravenously immediately preceding the colonoscope insertion [7].

Anatomical context of Colonoscopes


Associations of Colonoscopes with chemical compounds


Gene context of Colonoscopes

  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: One hundred forty patients were randomly allocated for screening with a normal colonoscope (NCF) or that with the cap-fitted colonoscope (CCF) [16].
  • In a second study (Study 2) 90 sedated patients undergoing colonoscopy were randomized to receive 1 mg glucagon (n = 46) or placebo (n = 44), intravenously, just before colonoscope insertion [17].
  • Although individuals may have a 30% daily fluctuation in serum values, this study detected no significant change in serum PSA levels after prolonged transrectal prostatic manipulation with a colonoscope [18].
  • The majority of cases of per rectal haemorrhage (PRH) are due to colorectal causes within the diagnostic reach of the colonoscope [19].
  • Our method uses combined video images originating from the laparoscope, an overview CCD camera placed in the operating theatre and, when available, a video colonoscope [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Colonoscopes


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