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Gene Review

CRYAA  -  crystallin, alpha A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Alpha-crystallin A chain, CRYA1, CTRCT9, HSPB4, Heat shock protein beta-4, ...
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High impact information on CRYAA


Biological context of CRYAA

  • We have mapped an ADCC gene in family ADCC-2 to chromosome 21q22.3 near the alpha-crystallin gene CRYAA [1].
  • Autosomal dominant congenital cataract associated with a missense mutation in the human alpha crystallin gene CRYAA [1].
  • Haplotype analysis indicated that the disease gene lay in the approximately 2.7 Mb physical interval between D21S1912 and D21S1260 flanking CRYAA on 21q22 [6].
  • Transfection studies of lens epithelial cells revealed that, unlike wild-type CRYAA, the R49C mutant protein was abnormally localized to the nucleus and failed to protect from staurosporine-induced apoptotic cell death [6].
  • Sequencing of the exons of the CRYAA gene identified a sequence variation in exon 2 (292 G->A) with a substitution of Gly to Arg at position 98 [7].

Anatomical context of CRYAA


Associations of CRYAA with chemical compounds

  • 3. Sequence analysis identified a C --> T transition in exon 1 of CRYAA from affected individuals that was predicted to result in the nonconservative substitution of cysteine for arginine at codon 49 (R49C) [6].
  • 3. Direct sequencing of the candidate gene CRYAA revealed a heterozygous C>T transition resulting in the substitution of the highly conserved arginine at position 116 by cysteine (R116C) [9].

Other interactions of CRYAA

  • A functional candidate gene approach was employed for PCR screening and sequencing of the exons and their flanking regions of CRYGC, CRYGD, and CRYAA genes [7].
  • The alpha-crystallin gene family consists of alpha 1-crystallin (CRYA1) and alpha 2-crystallin (CRYA2) genes (previously designated alpha A- and alpha B-crystallin, respectively), which show extensive sequence homology [10].


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