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Gene Review

Lhx5  -  LIM homeobox protein 5

Mus musculus

Synonyms: LIM/homeobox protein Lhx5, Lim2
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High impact information on Lhx5


Biological context of Lhx5


Anatomical context of Lhx5

  • By midgestation, both genes, Lhx5 and Dlx5, are expressed in the diencephalon and ventral telencephalon in an alternating complementary pattern [3].
  • During development its domain of expression is mainly localized at the most anterior portion of the neural tube, and it precedes the morphological differentiation of the forebrain; for this reason we believe that Lhx5 could play an important role in forebrain patterning [4].

Other interactions of Lhx5

  • Lhx5 expression is detected in the most anterior portion of the neural tube at the headfold stage, overlapping partially with Otx2 expression domain [3].


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