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Gene Review

Mtx1  -  metaxin 1

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Gcap6, Metaxin-1, Mitochondrial outer membrane import complex protein 1, Mtx, Mtxn
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Disease relevance of Mtx1

  • In this study, transient transfection of rat chondrosarcoma cells and NIH-3T3 fibroblasts demonstrated that Thbs3 is regulated in a cell type-specific manner by a position- and orientation-independent far upstream enhancer located within intron 6 of Mtx [1].
  • At doses active on the DH models and on carrageenin inflammation, Cy induced a lasting blood leukopenia, but CsA and Mtx did not [2].
  • Of the immunosuppressants, CsA reduced all the DH reactions while Aza mainly reduced the reaction to SRBC; Cy and Mtx were mainly active on SBRC and MBSA inflammations [2].
  • On another hand CsA, Cy and Mtx were inactive on the 3-h phase but decreased the 24-h phase of carrageenin edema [2].

High impact information on Mtx1


Biological context of Mtx1

  • A far upstream, cell type-specific enhancer of the mouse thrombospondin 3 gene is located within intron 6 of the adjacent metaxin gene [1].
  • Metaxin is therefore the second mammalian component of the protein translocation apparatus of the mitochondrial outer membrane to be characterized at the molecular level and the first for which an inherited mutation has been described [3].
  • Like many genes regulated by a TATA-less promoter, the transcription start site of metaxin is heterogeneous [4].
  • Thus, despite the potential for common regulatory mechanisms, the available evidence indicates that the Mtx minimal promoter does not significantly affect Thbs3 gene expression [4].
  • Finally, the up-regulation of a differentially expressed gene (metaxin) mediated by its promoter was evaluated in a functional assay [5].

Anatomical context of Mtx1


Other interactions of Mtx1

  • Deletion of the four upstream Sp1-binding elements, on the other hand, demonstrated that these motifs are superfluous in context of the larger Mtx promoter [4].
  • Another targeted modification in the murine glucocerebrosidase gene locus led to the discovery of a contiguous gene, metaxin [7].
  • The early embryonic lethal phenotype of mice lacking metaxin demonstrates that efficient import of proteins into mitochondria is crucial for cellular survival [3].


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