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Gene Review

Kcna2  -  potassium channel, voltage gated shaker...

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: BK2, NGK1, Potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 2, RAK, RBK2, ...
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Disease relevance of Kcna2


High impact information on Kcna2

  • Injections of RNA combinations (RBK1/RBK2 and RBK1/RGK5) caused currents that had TEA sensitivities different from those expected from the sum, in any proportion, of the two native channels [2].
  • The two most abundant RCK potassium channel mRNAs (RCK1 and RCK5) are predominantly expressed in the adult nervous system [3].
  • RAK expressed in oocytes compares closely to the intrinsic adult rat atrial delayed-rectifier current measured by using whole-cell recording of single isolated cells [4].
  • We have cloned a cDNA (designated RAK) coding for a delayed-rectifier K current (IRAK) from adult rat heart atrium and expressed it in Xenopus oocytes [4].
  • Analysis of the distribution of BK2 transcripts in rat brain by in situ hybridization histochemistry suggests that the BK2 gene is ubiquitously expressed by central nervous system neurons [5].

Biological context of Kcna2

  • The density of BK2 binding sites also rose from 12 to 40 femtomoles/mg protein with no difference in affinity [6].

Anatomical context of Kcna2

  • 1. Using [125I-Tyr0]-BK, as radiolabelled ligand, and various agonists and antagonists of bradykinin (BK) we identified a single class of specific BK2-binding sites in mesangial cell membranes (Bmax = 73 fmol mg-1 protein and Kd = 3.7 nM) [7].
  • These findings suggest that BK might have cardioprotective effect to increase the survival time in rats by activating BK2 receptors after coronary artery ligation [8].
  • CsA decreased significantly Kal and BK2 mRNA expression in the kidney cortex [9].
  • Thus, BK stimulates glucagon secretion from the perfused rat pancreas by activating BK2 receptors, but not BK1 receptors [10].

Associations of Kcna2 with chemical compounds

  • In contrast, these effects of bradykinin were effectively blocked by the selective BK2-receptor antagonist [Thi5,8,D-Phe7]BK, and mimicked by the BK2 partial agonist [D-Phe7]BK in a concentration-dependent manner [11].
  • Cyclosporine A decreases kallikrein and BK2 mRNA expression in the rat renal cortex [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Kcna2

  • The inhibitory effect of intraperitoneal BK on gastric motility was due to an effect on BK2 receptors because it was blocked by prior intraperitoneal injection of the BK2 antagonist Hoe 140 [12].
  • The effect of subcutaneous injection of cyclosporine (20 mg/kg/day for 3 days) on the expression of kallikrein (Kal) and bradykinin 2 receptor (BK2) mRNA in the rat renal cortex was examined [9].


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