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Gene Review

Bdkrb2  -  bradykinin receptor B2

Rattus norvegicus

Synonyms: B2 bradykinin receptor, B2BKR, B2BRA, B2R, BK-2 receptor
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Disease relevance of Bdkrb2


Psychiatry related information on Bdkrb2

  • The two analogues alone and the fragment BK-(1-8), a potent stimulant of B1-receptors for BK, failed to alter reaction time and only the B2-receptor antagonist reduced BK-induced behavioural responses [5].

High impact information on Bdkrb2

  • Two months after MI, rats were treated for 2 mo with: (a) vehicle; (b) the ACEi ramipril, with and without the B2 receptor antagonist icatibant (B2-ant); or (c) an AT1-ant with and without an AT2-antagonist (AT2-ant) or B2-ant [6].
  • MBP and poly-L-lysine induced an increase in airway responsiveness, which was inhibited by pretreatment with a selective BK-2 receptor antagonist, NPC 17713 (250 micrograms/ml) [7].
  • [Thi5,8,DPhe7]bradykinin, where Thi is beta-(2-thienyl)-alanine, is a very weak partial agonist and inhibits the bradykinin-mediated ion flux, suggesting the cDNA encodes a smooth muscle, rather than a neuronal, B2 receptor subtype [8].
  • In competitive binding assays, unlabeled BK, Hoe 140 (a specific BK B2 receptor antagonist), and des-Arg9,[Leu8]BK (a BK B1 receptor antagonist) displaced [125I-Tyr8]BK with an IC50 of 4.3, 0.041, and 307 nmol/L, respectively [9].
  • Homodimers of an amino-terminal extended BK analog and a V1a-selective antagonist represent the first examples of new classes of B2 BKR and V1a VPR antagonists, respectively [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bdkrb2


Biological context of Bdkrb2


Anatomical context of Bdkrb2


Associations of Bdkrb2 with chemical compounds

  • In contrast, B2 receptor blockade had no effect or even increased these angiotensin II effects [16].
  • Only combined administration of B1R and B2R antagonists produced a significant BP increase from a baseline of 107-119 mmHg at end point, which could be partly prevented by losartan and was not associated with change in catecholamines, suggesting no involvement of the sympathoadrenal system [17].
  • The biochemical properties of the solubilised B2 BK receptor correspond to those of a hydrophobic acidic glycoprotein (isoelectric focusing gave a value of 4.5-4.7) that binds specifically to wheat germ agglutinin but has no affinity for either concanavalin A or lentil lectin, suggesting the absence of terminal mannose or glucose residues [25].
  • The B2 bradykinin receptor antagonist HOE 140 and the B1 bradykinin receptor antagonist des-Arg9[Leu8]bradykinin displaced the binding of [3H]bradykinin from dog membranes with IC50 values of 0.38 and 217.3 nmol/l, respectively, suggesting that bradykinin binds to a B2-type receptor [26].
  • In competitive experiments using membranes prepared from Chinese hamster ovary cells expressing the human bradykinin receptor subtypes, FR190997 showed a high affinity binding to the B2 receptor with IC50 value of 5.3 nM and no binding affinity for the B1 receptor [27].

Regulatory relationships of Bdkrb2

  • Superfusion with Bk (10 nM) increased [Ca++]i by 96 +/- 10 nM over basal levels in approximately 80% of the neurons tested that were not affected by a Bk-1 receptor antagonist but were inhibited 72% by a Bk-2 receptor antagonist [28].
  • We investigated whether endogenous kinin levels are subject to short-loop-feedback regulation mediated by the B2 receptor and whether endogenous kinins acting through the B2 receptor influence plasma renin levels and circulating and tissue angiotensin peptide levels [29].
  • The B2 receptor antagonists had no significant inhibitory effects on kallidin-stimulated phosphoinositide metabolism or prolactin release [30].

Other interactions of Bdkrb2

  • Our findings indicate that the bradykinin 2 receptor (B2R) but not the bradykinin 1 receptor (B1R) is expressed in control bladder urothelium [21].
  • Synovitis-enhanced endothelial cell proliferation was also inhibited by the B2 receptor antagonist alone (27%) but not by the NK1 receptor antagonist alone [23].
  • The nonselective cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitors S-(-)-ketoprofen (10 microM) and piroxicam (30 microM) markedly depressed the concentration-response curves to [desArg9]-BK and [Hyp3, Tyr(Me)8]-BK in control bladders, but neither drug affected the B1 or B2 receptor agonist-mediated responses in inflamed bladders [31].
  • HOE 140, a BK2 receptor antagonist (0.01, 0.1, and 1 nmol/L), prevented the stimulatory effect of BK on glucagon secretion in a concentration-dependent manner [32].
  • CONCLUSIONS: A new inhibitory pathway of the early steps of IGF-I signaling by the B2 receptor is found both in cultured MCs and in IG, which involves a calcium-dependent tyrosine phosphatase activity [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bdkrb2


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