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Gene Review

gammaTub23C  -  gamma-Tubulin at 23C

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG 3157, CG3157, D.m.GAMMA-23C, Dmel\CG3157, GAMMA23C, ...
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High impact information on gammaTub23C


Biological context of gammaTub23C

  • Gamma-tub37CD is constantly detected at the centrosome and absent in the mitotic spindle, while gamma-tub23C is extensively recruited to the centrosome during mitosis and relocalizes in the mitotic spindle [4].
  • To gain a better understanding of their molecular nature, we have studied the centrosomal component gamma-tubulin during Drosophila oogenesis [5].
  • With the exception of gamma-tubulin, Dgp71WD is the only gammaTuRC component identified to date that does not contain the grip motifs, which are signature sequences conserved in gammaTuRC components [6].
  • The unusual disk- or ring-shaped central spindle pole body forms de novo in the center of the elongated meiosis I spindle, followed by formation of the central spindle poles. gamma-Tubulin transiently localizes to the central spindle pole body, implying that the body acts as a microtubule nucleating center for assembly of the central poles [7].
  • This conclusion is based on the identification and phenotypic characterization of a mutant allele of the gamma-tubulin gene located at region 23C of the polytene chromosome map [8].

Anatomical context of gammaTub23C

  • The gamma-tubulin ring complex (gammaTuRC) is important for microtubule nucleation from the centrosome [9].
  • The gamma-tubulin ring complex (gammaTuRC) forms an essential template for microtubule nucleation in animal cells [10].
  • Using specific nucleotidic and immunological probes, we have demonstrated that the two divergent Drosophila gamma-tubulins, gamma-tub23C and gamma-tub37CD, are expressed in cultured cells [4].
  • Gamma-tub23C is present in the soluble gamma-tubulin small complexes (10S) and gamma-tubulin big complexes (35S) and is loosely associated to the cytoskeleton [4].
  • The combination of loss-of-function mutant alleles for the two gamma-tubulin genes leads to mitotic defects in female germ cells, resulting in agametic ovaries [5].

Associations of gammaTub23C with chemical compounds

  • Coexpression of any of these grip motif-containing proteins with gamma-tubulin promotes gamma-tubulin binding to guanine nucleotide [6].

Other interactions of gammaTub23C


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gammaTub23C

  • Yet, immunofluorescence revealed that spindles in larval brains of urchin mutants in Drosophila were frequently monastral but bipolar; the astral pole contained a centrosome while the opposing anastral pole showed neither gamma tubulin nor a radial array of astral microtubules [15].


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