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Gene Review

hoxa1a  -  homeobox A1a

Danio rerio

Synonyms: Homeobox protein Hox-A1a, Hox-A1, Hox-a1, SO:0000704, hoxa1, ...
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High impact information on hoxa1a

  • To compare the relative importance of Hox genes during fin versus limb morphogenesis, we cloned zebrafish (Danio rerio) HoxD and HoxA complex genes and analysed their expression during fin development [1].
  • Molecular evolution of the HoxA cluster in the three major gnathostome lineages [2].
  • HoxA cluster noncoding sequences conserved between bichir and euteleosts indicate that novel cis-sequences were acquired in the stem actinopterygians and maintained after cluster duplication [3].
  • We aligned (PipMaker) the nucleotide sequences of the HoxA clusters of tilapia, pufferfish, striped bass, zebrafish, horn shark, human, and mouse, which are separated by approximately 500 million years of evolution [4].
  • We observed novel expression patterns in the midbrain, such that zebrafish hoxa1a and hoxc1a are expressed anterior to the domain traditionally thought to be under Hox patterning control [5].

Biological context of hoxa1a

  • The expression pattern of zebrafish hoxa1a mRNA during embryonic development was studied [6].
  • Expression studies, carried out with HoxD and HoxA genes, showed that all vertebrates use the same general scheme, involving the colinear activation of gene expression in both space and time [7].
  • This phenotype correlated with a reduction in hoxa1 expression during gastrulation [8].

Anatomical context of hoxa1a

  • Herein, we show that hoxa1a mRNA is expressed in the ventral region of both the midbrain and anterior hindbrain during the developmental period from the pharyngula to the protruding-mouth stages via whole-mount in situ hybridization [6].
  • The main difference in HoxA gene expression between fin and limb development is that in tetrapods (with the exception of newts) Hoxa-11 expression is suppressed by Hoxa-13 in the distal limb bud mesenchyme [9].
  • There is striking evidence of a similar pattern of homologous regulatory gene expression (eg Shh, and Hox A & D genes) in tetrapod limb buds, and both similarity and differences when these are compared with expression patterns in a teleost fish paired fin bud [10].

Other interactions of hoxa1a


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