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Gene Review

GOUT1  -  gout susceptibility 1

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of GOUT1

  • Crystal-induced arthropathy. Gout and pseudogout [1].
  • Letter: Gout and hypothyroidism in males [2].
  • OBJECTIVE: Gout affects a large fraction of persons with advanced chronic kidney disease, and hyperuricemia may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease [3].
  • OBJECTIVE: Gout is a less commonly diagnosed rheumatic disease in China compared with Western countries, but its prevalence appears to be climbing [4].
  • BACKGROUND: Gout is associated with increased body weight [5].

Psychiatry related information on GOUT1

  • SUMMARY: Gout incidence and severity appear to be increasing likely in relation to dietary habits [6].

High impact information on GOUT1

  • 3. In cell-attached patches addition of 100 microM strophanthidin to the bath increased both Gout and Gin [7].
  • CONCLUSION: Gout in women had a later onset and higher frequency of upper limb joint involvement in comparison to men [8].
  • An Unusual Cause of Renal Amyloidosis Secondary to Gout-the First Description of Familial Occurrence [9].
  • BACKGROUND: Gout, an inflammatory arthritis, reportedly afflicts more than 2 million men and women in the United States. Previous reports have suggested an association between gout and kidney stone disease; however, these studies did not adjust for such important potential confounders as obesity and the presence of hypertension [10].
  • BACKGROUND: Gout is a common and challenging problem in South Auckland, New Zealand. Allopurinol is widely used but urate reduction remains unsatisfactory [11].

Biological context of GOUT1


Anatomical context of GOUT1

  • Case report 178: Gout affecting the tarsal and metatarsal bones of the left foot and right hand [13].
  • Case report 732. Gout presenting as a large pseudo tumor (tophus) in the proximal end of the tibia [14].

Associations of GOUT1 with chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GOUT1

  • RESULTS: Gout medication errors occurred in 39% (n = 273) of facilities participating in the MEDMARX program [16].


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