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Metatarsal Bones

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Disease relevance of Metatarsal Bones


High impact information on Metatarsal Bones


Chemical compound and disease context of Metatarsal Bones


Biological context of Metatarsal Bones


Anatomical context of Metatarsal Bones


Associations of Metatarsal Bones with chemical compounds

  • Lastly, AY 9944 decreased the expression of Ihh in the metatarsal growth plate [22].
  • Metatarsal density correlated with estradiol levels only in the dancers (r = 0.34, P less than 0.02) [25].
  • OBJECTIVE: We studied the relationship between vasoconstrictor changes in foot arteries (pedal, metatarsal, and digital arteries) and autonomic neuropathy in diabetic patients to estimate the degrees of sympathetic dysfunction [26].
  • RESULTS: DH Pressure Relief Walkers reduced plantar pressures significantly better than other commercially available treatments for ulcers under the first metatarsal, second through fifth metatarsals, and great toe (P < 0.05) [27].
  • Fetal mouse metatarsals were cultured for up to 10 d with dexamethasone (Dex; 10(-6) m) and/or IGF-I and GH (both at 100 ng/ml) [28].

Gene context of Metatarsal Bones

  • Interactions between FGFR3- and PTHrP-receptor-mediated signals during endochondral ossification were examined with embryonic metatarsal bones maintained in culture under defined conditions [29].
  • Previously, we have shown that PTHrP also acts downstream of transforming growth factor beta (TGFbeta) in a common signaling cascade to regulate hypertrophic differentiation in embryonic mouse metatarsal organ cultures [30].
  • The cultured mutant metatarsal bones failed to response to TGF-beta1, while the hypertrophic differentiation was largely inhibited by Sonic hedgehog (Shh) [31].
  • Furthermore, BMP-7 could still inhibit terminal chondrocyte differentiation in the metatarsals of PTHrP-deficient (PTHrP-/-) mouse embryos [32].
  • In addition, precocious expression of Bmp7 in the metatarsal epidermis of the Silkie mutant or treatment of the metatarsus with ectopic BMP7 protein results in feather development from scale forming integument [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Metatarsal Bones


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