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Chemical Compound Review

Monosodium urate     sodium6,8-dioxo-7,9-dihydro- 3H-purin-2-olate

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Disease relevance of uric acid


High impact information on uric acid

  • Both MSU and CPPD increased the secretion of IL-8 by neutrophils in a dose- and time-dependent manner, but had no effect on that of MIP-1 alpha [2].
  • These LPS did not enhance platelet stimulation by antiplatelet antibody, monosodium urate crystals, or thrombin and only slightly enhanced stimulation by insoluble human skin collagen [6].
  • These findings prompt questions concerning how the innate immune system recognizes MSU and the identities of the receptors involved [7].
  • Overall, these results demonstrate that colchicine specifically and significantly inhibits the protein tyrosine phosphorylation induced by MSU and CPPD crystals and suggest that its effects are associated, at least in part, with its interaction with microtubules [8].
  • Factors that modulate the ability of monosodium urate crystals to stimulate leukocytes could regulate gouty inflammation [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of uric acid


Biological context of uric acid


Anatomical context of uric acid


Associations of uric acid with other chemical compounds


Gene context of uric acid


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of uric acid


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