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Gene Review

NRT2:1  -  nitrate transporter 2:1

Arabidopsis thaliana

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Disease relevance of ATNRT2:1

  • Analysis of atnrt2.1 mutants showed that this constitutes a crucial adaptive response against NH(4)(+) toxicity because NO(3)(-) taken up by the HATS in this situation prevents the detrimental effects of pure NH(4)(+) nutrition [1].

High impact information on ATNRT2:1


Biological context of ATNRT2:1


Anatomical context of ATNRT2:1


Associations of ATNRT2:1 with chemical compounds

  • Nitrate induction of the nitrate transporter genes AtNRT1.1 and AtNRT2.1 was reduced in Atnrt3.1 mutant plants, and this reduced expression was correlated with reduced nitrate concentrations in the tissues [9].
  • Moreover, growth on glucose induced genes for nitrogen remobilisation that are typically enhanced during developmental senescence, including the glutamine synthetase gene GLN1;4 and the nitrate transporter gene AtNRT2 [10].
  • No rapid changes in NRT2.1 abundance were observed in response to light, sucrose, or nitrogen treatments that strongly affect both NRT2.1 mRNA level and HATS activity [11].

Other interactions of ATNRT2:1

  • Root Nrt2;1At expression levels were strongly correlated with inducible high-affinity 13NO3- influx into intact roots under several treatment conditions [6].
  • One family, consisting of AtACH1 and AtACH2, appears to be peroxisomal, as they have type-1 peroxisomal targeting sequences [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ATNRT2:1


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