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Gene Review

ARHGEF6  -  Rac/Cdc42 guanine nucleotide exchange...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Alpha-Pix, COOL-2, COOL2, Cool-2, Cool2, ...
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Disease relevance of ARHGEF6


Psychiatry related information on ARHGEF6

  • Mutation screening of 119 patients with nonspecific mental retardation revealed a mutation in the first intron of ARHGEF6 (IVS1-11T-->C) in all affected males in a large Dutch family [1].

High impact information on ARHGEF6

  • Overall, these findings highlight novel mechanisms by which extracellular signals can direct the specific activation of Rac versus Cdc42 by Cool-2/alpha-Pix [2].
  • Novel regulatory mechanisms for the Dbl family guanine nucleotide exchange factor Cool-2/alpha-Pix [2].
  • The Cool-2 (cloned-out of library-2) protein (identical to alpha-Pix for Pak-interactive exchange factor) has been implicated in various biological responses including chemoattractant signaling and in certain forms of mental retardation [2].
  • In addition, interaction of ARHGEF6 to ARHGEF7 (betaPIX or Cool-1), a close homolog of ARHGEF6, was confirmed [5].
  • These data suggest that both the N-terminal calponin homology (CH) and C-terminal coiled-coil domains are necessary for the ARHGEF6-PARVB binding [5].

Biological context of ARHGEF6


Anatomical context of ARHGEF6


Associations of ARHGEF6 with chemical compounds

  • Together, these data suggest that alphaPIX is a component of early integrin clusters and plays a dual role in integrin-dependent cell spreading [12].

Physical interactions of ARHGEF6

  • Moreover, alpha-PAK-interacting exchange factor (alpha PIX) mRNA and its protein expression were upregulated by B(a)P [7].
  • BACKGROUND: Cloned-out of library-2 (Cool-2)/PAK-interactive exchange factor (alpha-Pix) was identified through its ability to bind the Cdc42/Rac target p21-activated kinase (PAK) and has been implicated in certain forms of X-linked mental retardation as well as in growth factor- and chemoattractant-coupled signaling pathways [9].

Regulatory relationships of ARHGEF6

  • However, unlike many GEFs, Cool-2 binds to activated forms of Cdc42 and Rac [9].
  • Deletion of T1 yielded a p85(Cool-1) molecule that mimicked the Cool-2 protein and was capable of strongly stimulating PAK activity [13].

Other interactions of ARHGEF6

  • In contrast, it seems that only the coiled-coil domain is required for the interaction and heterodimerization of ARHGEF6 and ARHGEF7 [5].
  • The alphaPIX triple domain SH3-DH-PH was found to be required for calpain 4 binding [12].
  • Although ARHGEF6 is unlikely to be the gene responsible for either BFLS or MRX27, it remains a prime candidate for nonspecific or syndromic mental retardation linked to Xq26 [14].
  • During integrin-dependent spreading of CHO-K1 cells, alphaPIX colocalized with mu- and m-calpain, integrin-linked kinase, and beta1 integrin in early integrin-containing clusters [12].
  • Whereas alphaPIX GEF activity contributes to enhanced formation of cellular protrusions, the GEF-independent association with calpain 4 leads to induction of a yet unknown signaling cascade resulting in cell spreading [12].


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