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Vacuum Curettage

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  • If abortion did not occur after seven days, the women was offered a second dose of misoprostol or vacuum aspiration [6].
  • 2. Inspiratory flow limitation was achieved by rapidly lowering hypopharyngeal pressure (Php) with a vacuum pump, and the maximal rate of flow (VI,max) and the nasopharyngeal pressure associated with flow limitation (Pcrit) were measured [7].
  • The increase in human serum albumin use coincided with the more frequent use of an electrically powered vacuum pump to assist in compounding parenteral nutrition solutions [8].
  • Toluene-degrading bacteria were isolated from hydrocarbon-contaminated soil by incubating liquid enrichment cultures and agar plate cultures in desiccators in which the vapor pressure of toluene was controlled by dilution with vacuum pump oil [9].
  • METHODS: Three hundred seventeen women with clinically diagnosed incomplete first-trimester abortions were randomized to treatment with either manual vacuum aspiration or 600 mug misoprostol orally to complete their abortions [1].

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