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Chemical Compound Review

D02073     methyl7-[(1R,2S,3R)-3- hydroxy-2-[(3R)-3...

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Disease relevance of D02073


High impact information on D02073

  • Mifepristone in oral doses of 400-600 mg was followed 48 h later by a gemeprost vaginal pessary (0.5-1.0 mg) [6].
  • The combination of mifepristone and gemeprost provides a safe and effective alternative to surgical evacuation of the uterus for therapeutic abortion in early pregnancy [6].
  • OBJECTIVE: We aimed to determine whether second-trimester abortion using isosorbide mononitrate (IMN) in addition to gemeprost is more effective and reduces side effects compared with gemeprost alone [7].
  • STUDY DESIGN: Eighty women who were age 13 to 23 weeks' gestation were randomly assigned to receive per vaginam either IMN 40 mg (group 1, 40 women) or placebo (group 2, 40 women) in addition to gemeprost 1 mg up to 3 times daily 3 hours apart for 2 days [7].
  • CONCLUSION: Vaginally administered misoprostol (400 microg) is as effective as gemeprost (1 mg) for cervical priming 3 to 4 hours before surgical termination of first-trimester pregnancies [8].

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