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  • In particular, mouse models suggest TLR4 as a candidate gene for resistance to major agents in bovine respiratory disease and Johne's disease [7].
  • Sera from animals with Johne disease, but not sera from uninfected cattle, reacted with this lipopeptide, indicating potential biological importance [8].
  • This study used oligonucleotide primers to the species-specific M paratuberculosis IS900 DNA insertion element and the polymerase chain reaction to amplify any M paratuberculosis DNA from intestinal tissue DNA extracts [9].
  • Members of the 30- to 32-kilodalton mycolyl transferase family (Ag85) from culture filtrate of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis are immunodominant Th1-type antigens recognized early upon infection in mice and cattle [10].
  • The genes identified encode proteins that are similar to (i) M. tuberculosis coenzyme A carboxylase, (ii) M. tuberculosis membrane proteins of unknown function, (iii) M. tuberculosis FadE20, (iv) a Mycobacterium paratuberculosis surface protein, and (v) M. tuberculosis cyclopropane fatty acyl-phopholipid synthase [11].

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