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Adenoma, Villous

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  • It also remains unclear whether villous adenomas express cyclooxygenase-2 [15].
  • Here we examined secreted mucins in tubular, tubulovillous and villous adenomas of the rectum using non-VNTR antibodies designed to assess mature mucin [16].
  • Both CEA and SC expressions were found to be increased with the size of the adenomas, but only in the villous adenomas and not in the tubular adenomas [17].
  • There was a tendency toward a higher serum CEA level in patients with villous adenoma as compared with those with tubular structure [18].
  • A p53 gene mutation (GGC-->GAC at codon 245) was detected in two biopsies taken at a four year interval from a recurrent rectal villous adenoma [19].


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