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Taste Threshold

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Disease relevance of Taste Threshold


Psychiatry related information on Taste Threshold

  • Olfaction rather than taste was involved in the conditioned response to L-proline because the highest possible contact concentration (3 x 10(-6) M) of L-proline within the stimulus eddies was at least 30 times lower than the estimated L-proline electrophysiological taste threshold (> 10(-4) M) [4].

High impact information on Taste Threshold


Anatomical context of Taste Threshold

  • To characterize the key compounds imparting this cooling sensation to the oral cavity, a taste dilution analysis was performed by determining the taste threshold of reaction products in serial dilutions of HPLC fractions to select the most intense "cooling" compounds in the complex GPC fraction of the Maillard reaction mixture [10].

Associations of Taste Threshold with chemical compounds


Gene context of Taste Threshold

  • Striking racial differences are observed in the plasma and intracellular electrolytes, cation transmembrane transport, salt taste threshold, plasma renin activity and urinary kallikrein activity [15].
  • No diminution in taste sensitivity to PTC was found with increasing age although a significant difference in PTC taste thresholds was found between males and females [16].


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