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Disease relevance of Meridians


High impact information on Meridians

  • Myopia was defined as at least -0.75 D of myopia in the vertical and horizontal meridians of the right eye as measured by cycloplegic autorefraction (n = 45 children) [4].
  • As expected, all groups had normal sensitivity to yellow flashes--detected by LWS and/or MWS cones--in these meridians [5].
  • Monocular contrast sensitivity (CS) measurements were obtained in the two principal meridians of eight constant unilateral strabismic subjects and four subjects diagnosed with alternating strabismus [6].
  • Some movement of the alphacypermethrin from the back to the lower body occurred within 24h after treatment, but despite careful application of the insecticide there was wide variation in the concentration between and within meridians [7].
  • Absolute vision thresholds were measured along the horizontal and vertical meridians in four patients from one pedigree and one patient from a second pedigree with dominantly inherited sector retinitis pigmentosa [8].

Biological context of Meridians

  • TREATMENT: A 41-year-old female with a 1-week history of inability to write or extend the right wrist received 1 acupuncture treatment utilizing the Lung and Large Intestine meridians in the forearm, with the 2 meridians interconnected using the Luo and Yuan points [9].
  • OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of L-arginine-derived nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and noradrenergic function on skin electrical resistance of acupoints and meridians [10].

Associations of Meridians with chemical compounds

  • Myopia in proband children was defined as -0.75 D or more myopia in both meridians on cycloplegic autorefraction (1% tropicamide) [11].
  • METHODS: Foveal hypoplasia was demonstrated in a 79-year-old man with decreased vision since childhood using fundus photography, fluorescein angiography, and OCT scans through four meridians of the central foveal [12].
  • Thus, the author was able to confirm, for the first time, the corresponding internal organ of Western Medicine for each one of the 12 main meridians [13].
  • During periods of reduced blood glucose levels, decreased retinal sensitivity, most marked in temporal meridians, was observed [14].
  • The mean difference in the direction of meridians of maximal refractions measured after atropine and cyclopentolate was 22 degrees [15].

Gene context of Meridians

  • Among the results of this study are a number of new equations involving g that clarify the relationships between the nonorthogonal principal meridians and the power and axis meridians of SC x theta, as well as explicitly illustrating the parameters that can increase or decrease g [16].
  • If the monkey and the human are comparable, sparing the horizontal retinal meridians during clinical PRP so as not to disturb the LPCN will probably not help to preserve ciliary muscle function and accommodation [17].
  • Our studied suggested that Cx43 might be involved in GJIC and propagated sensation along meridians [18].
  • The Yellow Emperor's Internal Medicine (Nei-Jing) describes the relationship between five internal organs corresponding to five different meridians and five oriental musical tones such as Gung (spleen), Sang (liver), Gak (liver), Chi (heart), Wu (kidney) [19].
  • The effect of P6 may act only on hollow organs; in contrast, BL-10 (Tianzhu), BL-11 (Dazhu) and GB-34 (Yanglinquan) are more related to the meridians of the eye [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Meridians

  • AIMS: To compare outcomes of acupressure using sham acupoints on different meridians and ganglionic sections with that using true acupoints, in patients with COPD who are living at home [21].
  • In this study, we were able to demonstrate by use of the Indirect "Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (Molecular Identification, Localization and) Imaging Technique" the presence of meridians corresponding to specific internal organs and acupuncture points on the meridians, all of which were nearly identical to those found in a living human [22].


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