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Cerclage, Cervical

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Disease relevance of Cerclage, Cervical

  • Exclusion criteria were: previous preterm delivery, or mid-trimester abortion or termination of pregnancy, multiple gestation, oligo- or polyhydramnios, placenta previa, fetal abnormalities, uterine malformations, cervical incompetence, cervical cerclage, or receipt of an antibiotic effective against BV or GBS following the screening [1].

High impact information on Cerclage, Cervical


Biological context of Cerclage, Cervical


Anatomical context of Cerclage, Cervical


Associations of Cerclage, Cervical with chemical compounds

  • Plasma concentrations of prostaglandin F2 alpha and prostaglandin E2 metabolites after transabdominal and transvaginal cervical cerclage [9].
  • RESULTS: The only statistically significant difference in haemodynamic values between those obtained before the procedure and those obtained after the procedure with or without prophylactic ritodrine was seen in the women who had cervical cerclage with postoperative intravenous ritodrine [6].
  • RESULTS: The 22 patients that were treated with cervical cerclage were not significantly different from the 21 given expectant management in ethnic origin, ponderal index, cigarette smoking or past obstetric history [10].
  • It is our view that transabdominal cervical cerclage should only be performed in units that have specialists in Perinatal Medicine [11].
  • Non-surgical methods including systemic methotrexate administration in one and surgical evacuation of products of conception with subsequent cervical cerclage in another are discussed [12].

Gene context of Cerclage, Cervical

  • OBJECTIVE: To assess the relation between the preoperative serum level of C-reactive protein (CRP) and the WBC count and the efficacy of emergency cervical cerclage [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cerclage, Cervical


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