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Cytopathogenic Effect, Viral

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  • The serine proteinase inhibitor (serpin) plasminogen activation inhibitor type 2 protects against viral cytopathic effects by constitutive interferon alpha/beta priming [4].
  • The results indicated that both acyclovir and TFT were ineffective in inhibiting viral cytopathic effect (CPE) below the concentration of 50 microM [5].
  • S-phase infection also produced a delay in the appearance of the viral cytopathic effect and in the synthesis of immediate-early and early proteins [6].
  • Cells infected with TK virus have an uptake of IdC similar to that of uninfected cells, whereas cells infected with TK+ generally have an uptake greater than 10 times that of uninfected cells if tested when obvious viral cytopathic effect is present [7].
  • Post-shock increases in viral fusion (F) gene transcripts and F protein were associated with dramatic increases in viral cytopathic effect [8].

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  • The antiviral action of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor (TNF) was studied using assay systems to determine inhibition of viral cytopathic effect (CPE), as well as suppression of virus growth measured by plaque assays [14].
  • Our conclusions follow: (1) The milder form of SARS in children and the apparent protective factor that immunosupression represent rules out a significant viral cytopathic effect (they would be the most affected) [15].
  • It is concluded that the NS-2 protein has little cytotoxic activity by itself but is required for the full expression of the viral cytopathic effect on transformed human cells [16].


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