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Reflex, Stretch

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Disease relevance of Reflex, Stretch


Psychiatry related information on Reflex, Stretch


High impact information on Reflex, Stretch

  • Stretch reflex dynamics in spastic elbow flexor muscles [5].
  • The distribution pattern of dystonia, the stretch reflex abnormalities, and the worsening of dystonia after tactile and auditory stimuli suggest impairment of interneuronal circuits at the brainstem or spinal level [6].
  • The earliest response (RP1) is assumed to be a short-latency stretch reflex evoked by the considerable impact of the collision, whereas the second (RP2) has features reminiscent of cutaneous and proprioceptive responses [7].
  • Ventral topical application of the selective 5-HT2A/2C agonist (+-)-1-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-iodophenyl)-2-amino-propane hydrochloride (DOI) restored the amplitude of the MG stretch reflex in a dose-dependent fashion [8].
  • 6. Dantrolene sodium also caused a shift in the relationship between tension and integrated EMG during the phasic component of the stretch reflex, with a greater integrated EMG being associated with a reduced tension [9].

Biological context of Reflex, Stretch


Anatomical context of Reflex, Stretch

  • 4. On the hypothesis that the excess latency of the stretch reflex over that of a tendon jerk is because the stretch reflex employs a cortical rather than a spinal arc, the excess would be expected to be larger in magnitude for the long flexor of the big toe and smaller for the jaw closing muscles [11].
  • It is proposed that the impaired modulation of the stretch reflex along with increased ankle joint stiffness contribute to the impaired walking ability in spastic MS patients [12].
  • It is suggested that the absence of the long-latency stretch reflex and the delay in the response to loading in HD patients may represent a reduction in somatosensory input to the cortex caused by disruption of basal ganglia structures [13].
  • The modulation of the short latency stretch reflex of the soleus muscle during walking was investigated in seven spastic multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and nine healthy control subjects [12].
  • It was found that muscle fibers of the MG were not stretched during counter movement; therefore, stretch reflex and potentiation of the contractile component of the MG might not contribute to the work enhancement in CMJ [14].

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Gene context of Reflex, Stretch

  • Essential tremor and mechanically-induced stretch-reflex oscillations are separate phenomena capable of complex interaction [20].
  • Increasing the stretch repetition rate from 0.1 to 0.4 cycles/s did not affect the SL component of either group, whereas the LL stretch reflex was reduced in size and duration in normal controls, but not in HD patients [21].
  • The SL-response in the triceps surae muscle, which corresponds to the mono- and oligo-synaptic spinal stretch reflex, showed a decreasing latency up to the age of 5 years [22].
  • This analysis determined that for both the ACL leg and the Non ACL leg the size of stretch reflex was facilitated at the long-latency conditioning intervals (75 and 150 ms), whereas it was inhibited at the short-latency conditioning interval (25ms) [23].
  • However, the ANOVA model failed to reveal any differences in the conditioned stretch reflex between the ACL leg and the Non ACL leg [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Reflex, Stretch


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