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Isometric Contraction

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  • During half-maximal isometric contraction of the tissues with acetylcholine, relaxation responses to isoproterenol, PGE2, and forskolin were separately compared in control (untreated) TSM and tissues incubated for 18 h with IL-1beta (10 ng/ml), TNF-(alpha (100 ng/ml), or IL-2 (200 ng/ml) [6].
  • METHODS: Isometric contractions of endothelium-denuded vessel rings were induced cumulatively by methoxamine and relaxations by isoproterenol [7].
  • The effect of DHEA appears to involve a large conductance Ca2+-activated potassium channel (BKCa)-dependent stimulatory mechanism, at both function and expression levels (isometric contraction and Western blot), via a redox-dependent pathway [8].
  • S100A1 gene transfer resulted in a significant increase of unloaded shortening and isometric contraction in isolated cardiomyocytes and engineered heart tissues, respectively [9].
  • Thus, isometric contraction activates eNOS via a Ca2+-independent, tyrosine kinase inhibitor-sensitive pathway and, like shear stress, seems to be an independent determinant of mechanically induced NO formation [10].

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