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Health Resources

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Disease relevance of Health Resources


Psychiatry related information on Health Resources

  • This study identified the health resources that rural consumers in DHHS Region V indicated they would use for mental health problems [3].
  • Eight measures were used: the teacher and parent Child Behavior Check Lists, the Health Resources Inventory, the Vineland Revised Scale of Social Maturity, the Piers-Harris Child's Self-Concept Scale, the Parcel and Meyers' Health Locus of Control, the Moos' Family Environment Scale, and the Functional Status II(r) [4].

High impact information on Health Resources

  • OBJECTIVE: As part of an ongoing study of health resource utilization and diminished productivity in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), the use of alternative medical therapies was assessed [5].
  • BACKGROUND: A study was undertaken to record exacerbations and health resource use in patients with COPD during 6 months of treatment with tiotropium, salmeterol, or matching placebos [6].
  • CONCLUSIONS: A simpler, more specific screening instrument than the Suicide Risk Screen would identify approximately 11% of urban high school youths for assessment, offering high school officials an important opportunity to identify young people at the greatest levels of need and to target scarce health resources [7].
  • Clinical data on the day of inclusion and health resources used for rheumatoid arthritis over the previous 12 months (treatments, medical devices, physician visits, examinations, hospital admissions, and other health professional care) were recorded [8].
  • The project personnel consisted of a full-time nurse specialist in epilepsy, a part-time health resource analyst, and neurological consultants [9].

Biological context of Health Resources


Associations of Health Resources with chemical compounds


Gene context of Health Resources

  • Development and allocation of health resources in Australia. Part 1 [17].
  • We present a unifying proof of the optimality and equivalence of ICER- and net benefit-based approaches to the health resource allocation problem, including both 'fixed budget' and 'fixed price' decision rules [18].
  • Tiotropium reduced exacerbations and health resource use in COPD [19].
  • The seminar was held at Columbia, MD, July 6-7, 1988, sponsored jointly by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Health Resources and Services Administration, PHS [20].
  • Long stay care and the NHS. Scottish health resource utilisation groups measure is helpful [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Health Resources


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