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Disease relevance of Reoviridae

  • The 7-methylguanylic acid residue confronting the 5'-terminal nucleotide of mRNA through two pyrophosphate linkages was completely removed by tobacco pyrophosphatase from mRNAs of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus, tobacco mosaic virus (viral RNA), and globin without any scission in the inner part of the RNA chain [1].
  • The outer capsid layer of Bluetongue virus, a member of the nonenveloped Reoviridae family, is composed of two proteins, a receptor-binding protein, VP2, and a second protein, VP5, which shares structural features with class I fusion proteins of enveloped viruses [2].
  • The role of NSP3 in rotavirus replication is discussed in the light of our results and by comparison with other RNA-binding proteins of members of the Reoviridae family [3].
  • A first full outer capsid protein sequence data-set in the Orbivirus genus (family Reoviridae): cloning, sequencing, expression and analysis of a complete set of full-length outer capsid VP2 genes of the nine African horsesickness virus serotypes [4].
  • The segment encodes a putative protein of 40 kDa that exhibits approximately 37% homology at the amino acid level to the nonstructural proteins Pns10 of rice dwarf and wound tumor viruses, which are other members of Phytoreovirus [5].

High impact information on Reoviridae


Chemical compound and disease context of Reoviridae

  • Particles that were purified on caesium chloride gradients had a mean size of 75 nm (a size similar to the size of intact particles of members of the family Reoviridae), indicating that they lost outer-coat components [10].
  • The 3' tetranucleotides of the plus strand of all genome segments of RDV and RGDV were found to be the same (---UGAU 3'), except for segment 9 of RDV which had the 3'-terminal sequence---CGAU 3'. The conserved 3'-terminal sequence (---UGAU 3') was the same as that found in the genome segments of WTV, another member of the Phytoreovirus genus [11].
  • A large-scale mortality of larval and juvenile halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus occurred at a semi-commercial halibut farm in Atlantic Canada. Investigation of the cause revealed aquareovirus particles in necrotic liver tissue of affected fish [12].
  • Nucleoside triphosphate phosphohydrolase associated with cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus [13].
  • Lipofectin increases the specific activity of cypovirus particles for cultured insect cells [14].

Biological context of Reoviridae


Anatomical context of Reoviridae


Gene context of Reoviridae


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Reoviridae


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