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Disease relevance of Cordotomy


High impact information on Cordotomy

  • Unlike denervation, cordotomy did not impair the capacity of the paralyzed limbs to develop in response to 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid [6].
  • All patients appeared to have morphine-resistant pain and had elected to proceed to intrathecal bupivacaine or percutaneous cordotomy [7].
  • Intrathecal phenol block to the nerves conveying the cancer pain abolished the new pain and the reference of sensation from this blocked area, though it remained unchanged in other analgesic areas of cordotomy [8].
  • Partial cordotomy (segment C5) produced a heavy loss of descending fibers, a small loss of primary sensory fibers, and a depression of the uptake and the Ca2+ -dependent, electrically evoked release of D-aspartate ipsilateral and caudal to the lesion [9].
  • Furthermore, cordotomy on day 12 did not induce an increase in ACh sensitivity around the end-plate [10].

Anatomical context of Cordotomy


Associations of Cordotomy with chemical compounds

  • Also, the present findings indicate that surgical cordotomies that interrupt the VLF in C2 likely disrupt the entire lumbar STT [14].
  • After an acute spinal section, ventral horn SCBF and CO2 reactivity (measured eight segments below the cordotomy) were not altered, in spite of the profound neural depression present (that is, spinal shock) [15].
  • Use of metrizamide for percutaneous cordotomy. Technical note [16].
  • The NMDA-treated fish overcame cordotomy more slowly than untreated animals, and axons did not extend as far into the denervated cord as in untreated counterparts, until later stages of recovery [17].
  • Ventilatory dysfunction resulting from bilateral anterolateral high cervical cordotomy. Dual beneficial effect of aminophylline [2].

Gene context of Cordotomy

  • In cats and rats pretreated with colchicine and/or anterolateral chordotomy (to increase SP content in cell bodies), many small to large cell bodies are SP-immunopositive especially in laminae I and V, but also in more ventral laminae of the upper cervical cord [18].
  • Elevated SP receptor density was also noted in cervical ventral horn at 3 weeks after thoracic cordotomy, whereas the increase seen at 1 week was normalized at 3 weeks everywhere else [12].
  • Subdiaphragmatic bilateral vagotomy and spinal cordotomy (T2-T3) were also performed to investigate the importance of visceral nerves for the satiety effect [19].
  • The satiety effect of CCK-8 or CCK-33 following peripheral injections was blocked by vagotomy whereas spinal cordotomy had no effect [19].
  • Midline pain, therefore, does not necessarily require bilateral cordotomies from a clinical point of view.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[20]


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