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Muscle Cramp

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Disease relevance of Muscle Cramp


High impact information on Muscle Cramp


Chemical compound and disease context of Muscle Cramp


Biological context of Muscle Cramp

  • Therapeutic administration of carnitine shows promise in treating selected groups of patients who have altered carnitine homeostasis, resulting in improved cardiac function, increased exercise capacity, reduced muscle cramps, and reduced intradialytic complications [13].

Anatomical context of Muscle Cramp


Gene context of Muscle Cramp

  • In the present study we have identified and characterized the mutations underlying L-CPT I deficiency in six patients: five with classic symptoms of L-CPT I deficiency and one with symptoms that have not previously been associated with this disorder (muscle cramps and pain) [16].
  • We have examined two Caucasian brothers with myoadenylate deaminase (AMPD) deficiency who presented with exercise intolerance and muscle cramps [17].
  • Patients had fewer muscular cramps on HF than on HD (P<0.03) and required significantly less saline and plasma expander during HF than HD sessions [18].
  • Muscle cramps were seen in 24 patients, multiple fractures in one, symmetrical distal neuropathy in 18, and carpal tunnel syndrome in 9 [19].
  • Prevalence and characteristics of muscle cramps in patients with varicose veins [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Muscle Cramp


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