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Disease relevance of Tetany


High impact information on Tetany


Chemical compound and disease context of Tetany

  • The tetany group had significantly lower serum 25OHD levels and higher 1,25(OH)2D levels, and had increased 1,25(OH)2D/25OHD as an index of the renal 25OHD-1-hydroxylase activity than those in the nontetany group [11].
  • Upon the institution of cortisol therapy, while still under the effects of a vitamin D analog dihydrotachysterol (DHT), the patient exhibited severe hypocalcemia and tetany [12].
  • Serum iPTHrP levels were not detectable (< 4 pmol/L) in 9 of 11 patients with postoperative hypocalcemia who presented with transient tetany, in 1 patient with hypocalcemia due to hypomagnesemia induced by cisplatin treatment, in normal subjects (n = 60), or in 1 normocalcemic patient with pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism [13].
  • Intravenously administered calcium gluconate has become increasingly popular in the treatment of neonatal tetany [14].
  • Fish fed unsupplemented diets (pyridoxine content of 1.2 mg/kg) were characterized by anoxeria, nervous disorders, tetany, greenish-blue body coloration, and eventual mortality [15].

Biological context of Tetany


Anatomical context of Tetany


Gene context of Tetany

  • If the diet contained phosphate, op/op mice died from hypocalcemic tetany when calcium was also removed from the diet [20].
  • In rabbits showing hypocalcemic tetany, calcitonin immunoreactivity was very intense and NSE immunoreactivity was faint to negative in the C cells [21].
  • Biochemical evidence for hypoparathyroidism and roentgenographic evidence for hyperparathyroidism were present in a 7-year-old girl with seizures and tetany [22].
  • Hypocalcemic tetany caused by PTH deficiency started between age of 6-13 y and was well controlled by small amounts of 1.25-(OH)2-cholecalciferol [23].
  • These results suggest that patients with a high serum level of iPTH as a result of low serum calcium levels (secondary hyperparathyroidism) are susceptible to tetany under conditions of hypoparathyroid function after surgery [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tetany


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