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Vena Cava Filters

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  • We believe that percutaneous insertion of vena cava filters should not replace anticoagulation in routine proximal DVT, and those patients who require an inferior vena cava filter for failure of anticoagulation should continue to receive heparin to treat the primary thrombotic process [17].
  • Successful retrieval of a titanium Greenfield vena cava filter embedded within its introducer sheath [18].
  • To assess the trapping efficiency of two vena cava filters, 326 radiopaque thrombi 5 mm in diameter were injected into adult sheep: four with LG-Medical (LGM) and four with titanium Greenfield (TG) filters [19].
  • The Vascor umbrella filter is a two-stage stainless-steel device with attachment tabs for anchoring and centering [20].

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