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Chemical Compound Review

D-NONOate     N-diethylamino-N-oxido-nitrous amide

Synonyms: Dea-No, CCRIS 8432, KST-1B9312, LS-76731, AR-1B4615, ...
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Biological context of N-diethylamino-N-oxido-nitrous amide


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Gene context of N-diethylamino-N-oxido-nitrous amide

  • DEANO resulted in a 50% reduction in CAT, GPX, and a dose-dependent inhibition of Cu, Zn-SOD [14].
  • In the present study, preincubation of purified rat liver microsomal GST with S-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) or the nitric oxide (NO) donor, 1,1-diethyl-2-hydroxy-2-nitrosohydrazine (DEA/NO), resulted in a 2-fold increase in enzyme activity [15].
  • In contrast, BCS had no effect on either the rate of NO release, or the anti-platelet action of the non-nitrosothiol compound DEANO [7].
  • Hemisected skulls with adhering dura mater were filled with synthetic interstitial fluid and stimulated with the NO donor diethylamine-NONOate (10(-5)-10(-3) M) or with NO gas (1,000 ppm), which caused concentration-dependent increases in CGRP release up to 166.8% [16].


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