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Chemical Compound Review

Technescan hdp     (hydroxy-phosphono- methyl)phosphonic acid;...

Synonyms: Tc-99m-Hmdp, Tc-99m-Hdp, AC1L3XBJ, 72945-61-0, Technetium hmdp, ...
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Disease relevance of Oxidronsaeure

  • After induction of ischemia, technetium (99mTc) methylene diphosphonate (TMDP) was injected IV at intervals up to 24 hours [1].
  • Accumulation of Tc-99m HMDP in hepatic metastasis from colon carcinoma without detectable calcification [2].
  • Ring appearance of Tc-99m MIBI thoracic SPECTs and increased uptake on Tc-99m HMDP thoracic SPECTs in a pulmonary mass of small cell carcinoma [3].
  • Tc-99m HDP uptake in cardiac amyloidosis [4].
  • An 83-year-old man with testicular lymphoma demonstrated progressive scrotal enlargement with non-homogeneity sonographically and abnormally increased uptake in the scrotum of Tc-99m HMDP and Tc-99m MIBI scintigraphically [5].

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