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Chemical Compound Review

Lentysine     (2R,3R)-4-(6-aminopurin-9- yl)-2,3...

Synonyms: Lentinacin, Eritadenine, d-eritadenine, SureCN308656, AG-E-70434, ...
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Disease relevance of d-eritadenine


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Chemical compound and disease context of d-eritadenine


Biological context of d-eritadenine

  • In this study, the time-dependent effects of dietary eritadenine on several variables concerning lipid metabolism were investigated in rats to clarify the sequence of metabolic changes caused by eritadenine, with special interest in the association of the liver microsomal phospholipid profile and the activity of Delta6-desaturase [7].

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Gene context of d-eritadenine


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