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Chemical Compound Review

Doproston     7-[(1R,2S)-2-[(E,3S)-3- hydroxyoct-1-enyl]...

Synonyms: Doprostone, SureCN1056605, STOCK1N-55754, AY-23578, LMFA03010054, ...
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High impact information on Doproston

  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: A bone marrow culture system and bone marrow macrophages were used to examine the effects of SC-19220 on PGE2-, 11-deoxy-PGE1-, and RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis [1].
  • Alkaline phosphatase-positive nodule formation in the absence or presence of XT-611 was inhibited by an antagonist of EP4 receptor, AH23848B, and synergistically potentiated by 11-deoxy-PGE1, but it was not influenced by other EP antagonists and agonists examined [2].
  • RESULTS: PGE2 and cyclic AMP inhibited spontaneous eosinophil apoptosis at both 16 and 40 hours as did the PGEP2 receptor agonist, 11-deoxy PGE1, at 40 hours, but these effects were not inhibited by a protein kinase A antagonist [3].
  • In contrast, 11-deoxy-PGE1 failed to inhibit the ERK activity in SHRSP-MCs [4].
  • Butaprost, an EP2-selective agonist, showed effects similar to those of 11-deoxy-PGE1 only at confluency [5].

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