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Chemical Compound Review

Caldine     N-(3-aminopropyl)propane-1,3- diamine

Synonyms: Norspermidine, P 2 (hardener), CHEMBL28743, I1006_ALDRICH, NSC-7773, ...
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  • The ligation of dipropylenetriamine (dpt) gives a end-on (mu-1,1) diazido-bridged binuclear copper complex [Cu(dpt)(mu-N(3))](2)(ClO(4))(2) (4) [18].
  • To avoid using protein-denaturing agents for desorption, when purifying cobalamin-binding protein by biospecific affinity chromatography, an affinity column has been prepared where cobalamin is attached through a temperature-labile linkage to insolubilized 3, 3'-diaminodipropylamine [19].


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