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Chemical Compound Review

AC1O3SSL     iron; magnesium; silicic acid

Synonyms: (Mg,Fe)Sio3, 19086-72-7, Magnesium iron silicate
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Disease relevance of Olivine

  • High-pressure and high-temperature torsion experiments on olivine aggregates in dislocation creep show about 15 to 20% strain weakening before steady-state behavior, characterized by subgrain-rotation recrystallization and a strong lattice preferred orientation [1].
  • In this study, the pulmonary toxicity of blasting sand was compared to five additional abrasive blasting substitutes: steel grit, copper slag, nickel slag, crushed glass, and olivine [2].
  • In comparison to blasting sand, olivine exposed rats had higher levels of pulmonary inflammation and damage with a similar level of fibrosis [2].
  • Dental caries prevalence in the Rapakivi granite and olivine diabase areas of Laitila, Finland [3].

High impact information on Olivine

  • Here we report the percolation threshold for molten iron-sulphur compounds of approximately 5 vol.% in solid olivine, based on electrical conductivity measurements made in situ at high pressure and temperature [4].
  • Theoretical models of mantle flow have been used to infer that, for progressive simple shear imparted by the motion of an overriding tectonic plate, the a-axes of olivine crystals should align themselves parallel to the direction of plate motion [5].
  • Here we report a rare case in which olivine (with 93.3% forsterite; Mg2SiO4) phenocrysts, precipitated from an unerupted komatiitic melt (approximately 24% MgO) of the Tristan mantle plume head 132 Myr ago, were carried to upper-crust levels in northwest Namibia by less Mg-rich (9.6-18.5% MgO) magmas [6].
  • In situ ion microprobe analyses of oxygen isotopes in Yamato-86009 and Murchison chondrites show that they contain abundant olivine-rich inclusions that have large oxygen-16 (16O) excesses, similar to those in spinel grains in calcium-aluminium-rich inclusions in Allende and other carbonaceous chondrites [7].
  • At all epochs, 8- to 13-micrometer spectra of the central coma revealed a strong silicate emission feature, including an 11.2-micrometer feature indicative of crystalline olivine, even when the comet was at a heliocentric distance of 4.1 astronomical units [8].

Biological context of Olivine


Anatomical context of Olivine


Associations of Olivine with other chemical compounds

  • We have studied the effects of the substrate, namely amorphous olivine (MgFeSiO(4)) cosmic dust analogues (CDAs), in synthesis of molecules obtained after 200 keV proton irradiation of formamide (NH(2)COH) [15].
  • Changes in the electronic structure of olivine Li(1-x)CoPO(4), 4.8 V positive electrode material for lithium ion batteries, were investigated using the X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) technique [16].
  • Data from the Observatoire pour la Minéralogie, l'Eau, les Glaces, et l'Activité (OMEGA) on the Mars Express spacecraft identify the distinct mafic, rock-forming minerals olivine, low-calcium pyroxene (LCP), and high-calcium pyroxene (HCP) on the surface of Mars [17].

Gene context of Olivine

  • Assuming diffusional transport in plane sheets, apparent diffusion coefficients were determined at temperatures of 600-800 degrees C. The activation energy for this diffusion in olivine is 208 +/- 17 kJ/mol [18].
  • Discovery of olivine in the Nili Fssae region of Mars [19].
  • Olivine and pyroxene diversity in the crust of Mars [17].
  • Olivine- and HCP-rich regions are found in deposits that span the age range of geologic units [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Olivine


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