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Chemical Compound Review

divinylsulfone     1-ethenylsulfonylethene

Synonyms: vinyl sulphone, V3700_ALDRICH, VINYL SULFONE, CHEMBL349205, CCRIS 4349, ...
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Disease relevance of Divinyl sulfone


High impact information on Divinyl sulfone

  • Proteasome inhibitor studies with carboxybenzyl-leucyl-leucyl-leucine vinyl sulfone suggest an HCMV-associated enhancement of Jak1 protein degradation [6].
  • Resistant parasites grown in the absence of the vinyl sulfone for 12 weeks showed partial reversion, with increased inhibitor sensitivity and apparent decreases in copy numbers of falcipain-2 and falcipain-3 [7].
  • To identify deneddylases, proteases with specificity for hydrolysis of Nedd8 derivatives, a facile method was developed for the synthesis of Nedd8 amidomethylcoumarin (a substrate) and Nedd8 vinyl sulfone (an inhibitor) [8].
  • The deubiquitinating enzyme UCH-L3 is labeled by both ubiquitin vinyl sulfone and Nedd8 vinyl sulfone [8].
  • The change in binding properties was monitored by fluorescence resonance energy transfer between Lucifer Yellow vinyl sulfone covalently bound to one alpha subunit and trinitrophenyl-ATP (TNP-ATP) tightly bound to nucleotide binding site 1 [9].

Biological context of Divinyl sulfone

  • Formal synthesis of 8a-epi-dendroprimine (4) possessing an indolizidine ring system has been accomplished via intramolecular radical cyclization of cyclic vinyl sulfone 5 [10].
  • Peptidomimetic vinyl sulfone and epoxide inhibitors designed to interact with the S2, S1 and S' subsites of the active site cleft revealed differences between rhodesain and the related trypanosome protease cruzain [11].
  • Compared to ethylvinyl sulfone, divinyl sulfone was more than 8 times more potent in causing either ATP depletion or cell death [12].

Anatomical context of Divinyl sulfone


Associations of Divinyl sulfone with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Divinyl sulfone


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Divinyl sulfone

  • Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction studies of human cathepsin F complexed with an irreversible vinyl sulfone inhibitor [19].
  • An HPLC method is described for the electrochemiluminescence (ECL) detection of amino acids, following cycloaddition reaction of their amino groups with divinyl sulfone (DVS), using electrogenerated tris(bipyridine)ruthenium(III) [20].
  • Structural and oxygen-binding properties of divinyl-sulfone-reacted bovine hemoglobin as a function of protein ligation state and reactant concentration [21].
  • Hyaluronan (HA) gels (hylans) crosslinked with divinyl sulfone (DVS) are highly biocompatible and can be structurally modified to obtain desired mechanical properties that are attractive for their use as tissue-engineering scaffolds [22].


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