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Chemical Compound Review

Viminalol     (3S,4aR,6aR,6bS,8aR,11R,12S,12 aR,14aR...

Synonyms: a-amyrin, alpha-Amyrin, alpha-Amyrine, alpha-Amyrenol, CHEMBL455357, ...
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High impact information on alpha-Amyrine


Biological context of alpha-Amyrine


Anatomical context of alpha-Amyrine

  • When administered orally at 66 mg/kg BW every 48 h for 5 days from days 32 to 40 post-adjuvant and assessed on day 50, alpha-amyrin palmitate returned the increases in serum hyaluronate and blood granulocytes toward non-arthritic levels and corrected the moderate anaemia of adjuvant arthritis [8].

Associations of alpha-Amyrine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of alpha-Amyrine

  • Olean-12-enol (16), isomultiflorenol (8), and lupeol (23) were the dominant alcohols in the Cucurbitaceae family, whereas alpha-amyrin (urs-12-enol) (20) was the dominant triterpene alcohol in ATF and MNT [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of alpha-Amyrine


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