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Chemical Compound Review

Eudesmane     (3R,4aS,5R,8aR)-5,8a- dimethyl-3-propan-2...

Synonyms: AG-J-68573, CHEBI:36522, KST-1A5760, AC1L4VZH, CTK4I9841, ...
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High impact information on Eudesmane


Biological context of Eudesmane


Anatomical context of Eudesmane

  • Yomogin (1), an eudesmane sesquiterpene isolated from Artemisia princeps, was tested for the effects on the degranulation process of cultured mast cells and on the nitric oxide production in LPS-activated murine macrophages [7].
  • Investigation of lipophilic exudates from the aerial parts of Balsamorhiza sagittata and B. macrophylla afforded three new highly oxygenated guaianolides (1-3), in addition to known guaianolides, germacranolide and eudesmane acids [8].

Associations of Eudesmane with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Eudesmane


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