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Gene Review

Alox8  -  arachidonate 8-lipoxygenase

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 15-LOX-2, 15-LOX-B, 15-lipoxygenase 2, 8-LOX, 8S-LOX, ...
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Disease relevance of Alox8


High impact information on Alox8

  • Our results with mutation of the conserved Ala to Gly in two S lipoxygenases (mouse 8S-LOX and human 15-LOX-2) and the corresponding Gly-Ala substitution in two R lipoxygenases (human 12R-LOX and coral 8R-LOX) reveal that the basis for R or S stereo-control also involves a switch in the position of oxygenation on the substrate [4].
  • Murine 8-lipoxygenase (8-LOX), homologue of the 15-LOX-2 enzyme that is expressed in benign human prostatic epithelium and reduced in Pca, was not detected in wild-type or LPB-Tag prostates as determined by enzyme assay, reverse transcription-PCR, and immunohistochemistry [5].
  • We also found that the binding of these proteins to the TRE was significantly increased by TPA treatment and inhibition of the binding by mithramycin A decreased TPA-induced promoter activity as well as 8S-LOX mRNA expression [6].
  • The cloned 8S-LOX promoter ( approximately 2 kb) in which a transcription initiation site was mapped at -27 from the ATG has neither a TATA box nor a CCAAT box [6].
  • Mutation of the corresponding residues in 15-LOX-2 to the 8-LOX sequence changed specificity to 50% oxygenation at C-8 for one amino acid substitution and 70% at C-8 for the double mutant [7].

Biological context of Alox8


Anatomical context of Alox8

  • In this study, we found TPA-induced 8S-LOX mRNA expression is a result of increased transcription in SSIN primary keratinocytes and further investigated transcriptional regulation of 8S-LOX expression by cloning its promoter [6].

Associations of Alox8 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Alox8


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Alox8


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